Distribution of Lives
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Thank you for stopping by. We hope your look at income maldistribution will prove fruitful. You will be well armed with completely new supporting information and fixes. In this election season, emphasis has properly been placed on income distribution. There is a desperate need to look more deeply into solving the problem.

With the links and video on this page, you can get a quick view of the books and the downloadable spreadsheets that work hand in glove with them.


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Distribution of Lives provides a completely new, highly-precise method for viewing and understanding income distribution from bottom to top. It provides solutions not seen before. Dilives (Distribution of Lives) illustrates the profound adverse impact of maldistribution on individuals and the economy as a whole.

If you ever needed ammunition to support your case that equitable income distributions are essential for our families, for our friends, for our nation, for our world, you will find it here. Within Dilives you will find surprises and a story not told elsewhere. The central economic story of our time is how the United States and others went from equitable distributions that existed from the 1950s through 1970s into profound maldistribution.

The prevailing economic theories that financial and monetary manipulations can be corrective in spite of maldistribution are proven wrong here. It is perilous to presuppose that such theories can produce a thriving economy when the majority have plainly been harmed to benefit the few. Even if one were to have unstoppable misanthropic tendencies, Dilives is so plainly clear and obvious that pure pragmatism mandates fixes.

The book is not about whining. It is about answers, reasons, and demonstrations. The unabridged Distribution of Lives is 345 pages (excluding appendix and endnotes); the condensed version, 195 pages. The condensed version does not include Chapters 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9, which deal primarily with economics and U.S. history. Otherwise the two are identical.


The book.

The ebook.

The Condensed Book.



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