Distribution of Lives
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Distribution of Lives provides a completely new method for viewing and understanding income distribution from bottom to top.

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Kirkus Reviews:

“Crunching the numbers behind the income gap reveals effects more profound than previously thought.

“… America’s economic ills today and during the Great Depression share a similar cause: lopsided distribution of income and wealth.…

“Economists and other numerophiles will appreciate the author’s quest for more precise metrics on income distribution, and an accompanying website contains spreadsheets for readers to scrutinize the data themselves.…

“[Jeanes] suggests ‘adaptive taxation’ … ensuring that the elite are motivated to serve national interests, not just their own.…

“A convincing, data-driven argument for dividing the economic pie more fairly.”

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Dilives Cover

If you ever needed ammunition to support your case that equitable income distributions are essential for our families, for our friends, for our nation, for our world, you will find it here. Within the book Distribution of Lives you will find surprises and a story not told elsewhere. And at this site you will find supporting downloadable data. You will find how integral income distribution is to economic growth, full employment, fair taxation, structuring stimulus programs, appropriate monetary policy, and job creation. All of these are clearly painted so that we can easily grasp the concepts and find solutions.

The central economic story of our time is how the United States went from equitable distributions that existed from the 1950s through 1970s to its current state of maldistribution. The prevailing economic theories that financial and monetary manipulations can be corrective in spite of profound maldistribution are proven wrong here. It is perilous to presuppose that such theories can produce a thriving economy when the majority have plainly been harmed to benefit the few. Even if one were to have unstoppable misanthropic tendencies, the data is so plainly obvious that pure pragmatism mandates fixes. Distribution of Lives is not about whining. It is about answers, reasons, and demonstrations. Maldistribution is a contagion that must be stopped. It is advancing worldwide.

When one person in the room has the information contained here, the discussion in a press conference, in a salary negotiation meeting, in a corporate boardroom, in a classroom, in a stockholder’s meeting, and the like is apt to dramatically change. To have the data and Dilives information makes conversation more informed, more interesting, and more fruitful. It also has the happy result of clearing away some of the silliness that too frequently surrounds discussions of wealth and income.

Prior to the information and data here, neither the public nor professionals have had access to information showing estimated income shares for the full range of people from the bottom 1% all the way up to the very highest income earner, whether it be for the United States or for any other nation. (In the USA the data goes back to 1776.)

If you are looking at the pay scale where you work, considering career prospects, evaluating the nation, or doing economic or social analysis, you will find a clearly painted picture. With that information, analysis becomes trivially easy – not just the province of pundits or academics. Your DIY thinking alone is quite sufficient.

Those at the bottom are victimized in a maldistributed economy. Victimization is removed by equitable income distribution. The reason is plain. The bottom 60% majority in the United States now receive only about 25% of total income. The trajectory continues to go south. Economies do not thrive under such conditions.

Distribution of Lives illustrates the profound adverse impact of maldistribution on individuals and the economy as a whole.

The unabridged Distribution of Lives is 345 pages (excluding appendix and endnotes); the condensed version, 195 pages.

This work illustrates our capacity to produce income distributions under which we can all thrive. Explicit fixes are illustrated.

For too long we have known too little about income and wealth distribution. They are vital to how we function and how our economies work. Maldistribution destroys people and economies.


Distribution of Lives

As of August 2012, the work became available in three forms: ebook, paperback, and hardcover.

All of these are supplemented by spreadsheets that you can download at this site.

the income maldistribution plague 2012.
by Ike Jeanes

Distribution of Lives: the income maldistribution plague 2012.

When you turn the pages of Distribution of Lives and see the data here, the full income-distribution story will be in your hands. Maldistribution so adversely transforms our economies and lives that when you, your neighbors, and friends have its full naked form spread out in front of you, it becomes crystal clear how rotten it is. It must be stopped -- not for emotional reasons, but for pragmatic ones. It is trashing our lives and our economy. The tools for stopping it are made plain.


  Download Spreadsheets

The spreadsheets here make it possible to illustrate points raised in the book. More importantly, they make it possible for you to perform your own analysis and get answers to questions you alone may have.

As you will see, in the field of income distribution, getting precisely accurate data is an ever elusive quest. The mathematical methods that Ike uses and comments on in a highly readable manner provide a valuable assist and that clearly presents the central features of income distribution. You will find a higher level of precision here than you ever dreamed possible.

Certainly there are many of you with great mathematical and programming flairs that can go beyond the present state of knowledge. That will be nice. This is a field that desperately needs good work coming from many perspectives.

Not withstanding potential for improvement we think you will find that lookup table spreadsheet embodies the central characteristics of income distribution with sufficient accuracy that we can plainly see the harm being done by maldistribution and avoid it.

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  Available in pbook & ebook

The work, unabridged and condensed, is available for you in 6 forms.

The complete story.

The short story.

  • Condensed Paperback
  • Condensed Hardback
  • Condensed ebook


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